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My absolute favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving.  I love the food.  I love the weather. I love the whole atmosphere.  I have so many Thanksgiving memories of great times with family, and  I miss my Grandma Betty the most this time of year.  I remember going there a day early so Mom could help prepare the Turkey and our family’s crazy dressing recipe.  I’d watch movies in the dining room while they cooked in the kitchen.  We’d get up the next morning to get the turkey cooking and I couldn’t wait for the parade to come on.

Once I got old enough, I took over the responsibility of making the pumpkin pies, which is still my contribution to the family meal.  Since Grandma has passed, we do things a bit differently, but it’s still my favorite, and a good time to reflect on memories with her. We now have what I call “Thanks Christmas” with my Mom’s brother and sister and their families.  The Christmas comes into play because we let the next generation, mine, my sister’s and all of my cousin’s children draw names and give a Christmas gift to a cousin.  They can’t get anyone in their immediate family or one of their first cousins.  We do this on Thanksgiving now so that our families can share a more intimate Christmas Eve celebration with each other.

With all that being said, please enjoy some recipe books and Thanksgiving eBooks.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Holiday Dinners


Find Me a Turkey


Thanksgiving Recipes


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